Women In Business – Our Journey & Why We Aren’t Fully Sustainable

Firstly, hello from me, Harriet. I’m going to be writing all the blog posts here as the subjects are really personal to me. I’m so delighted to have you here, I hope you love what I am trying to achieve. Click here for more about Inka brand values or keep reading to find out how I got here! I had known for a long time that I wanted to create something of my own – a business that genuinely had a positive impact – but something always got in the way. That something was basically me failing to consider the possibility fully and take the leap. Once lockdown started though I took charge and there was nothing stopping me supporting women in business.

Where did the name Inka come from?

In short, a really sentimental place. I started walking my neighbours dog, Inka, every week during lockdown and we grew a close and meaningful bond. On these walks I often pondered the ins and outs of a business, the brand values and the backbones of what it was going to be. However, I still didn’t have a name and I wanted something short and statement and then there were those eyes looking up and me and *lightbulb moment*, Inka was born! It just made total sense, the business was born out of lockdown and Inka was a big part of getting through the tougher months, plus what a great name!

No, we aren’t fully sustainable.

I feel it’s important to let you know that this store is not totally sustainable. Complete sustainability is near impossible, although we are trying but we can’t pretend to be something we are not. I’ve been making changes to live more sustainably and trying to offset my career in the motorsport industry which is not. I want to see where I can make a difference to protecting the planet. It’s been a really insightful journey so far and although I still have a lot to learn I’m really pleased you’ll be with me along the way.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic bought a lot of huge ethical injustices to light which may not have got the deserved publicity otherwise. I will be blogging about topics that affect me, the business and the people involved as well as people who are not involved with Inka but are directly impacted by the retail industry.

Don’t come here for the latest faddy trend

Shop here because you love supporting small ethical businesses, because you want to empower the women who run them and join engaging and insightful conversations. We will not be following the latest fashion or skincare trends. In fact, I usually have no idea what the latest ‘in thing’ is, I really do believe that less is more. What Inka aim’s to do is keep things simple, a back to basics approach for a more sustainable way of living.

Come & support women in business with us…

Sustainability is hugely important for me at Inka, I am not perfect, I am still learning, this idea only came around in lockdown after all. There are so many things that you can do day to day in life to live more sustainably and consider the ethical production of items you use. I am conscious that we all approach sustainability differently and what it means to one person will be different to the next so I hope this is reflected in the products Inka stocks. It’s time to disrupt the normal hum drum and challenge our purchasing habits & I’m so excited to be supporting women in business along the way.

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We hope you love being part of The Inka Affinity.

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