Vegan Beauty Products – Five Reasons To Use Solid Shampoo Bars

The rise of solid shampoo bars has been a big one, in fact the market was valued at around $10.2million in 2018. Consumers are starting to consider not only the amount of waste created by plastic bottles but also the benefits to their hair when using less chemicals, something that bottled shampoos contain a lot of.

We are often led to believe we need everything the big brands say we do when it comes to having silky glossy hair that can only be achieved by using their product; but the simple fact is that this healthy hair can be achieved with bars just as easily. There are so many vegan beauty products out there now, it’s hard to miss them especially here at Inka, all our beauty brands tick that box.

Solid Shampoo Bar

Here’s five reasons to consider the switch:

1. Reduce Waste

Most consumers are looking for any way they can to reduce their waste. Especially when you hear facts like there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans (Nat Geo). The bars last longer than bottles so you are generally consuming less product overall. For me transitioning to solid shampoo bars was the easiest move, I can honestly say I don’t miss bottled products. My bathroom has never looked so good!

2. Organic & High Quality Ingredients

Bars like our Orange & Bergamot shampoo bars contain conditioning agents, natural oils like coconut and Shea butter which effectively “super fat” the formula. This means that some of the surfactant (primary component of cleaning detergents, it means surface active agent) is used up on the extra oil making the formula exceptionally gentle and creamy. This is why shampoo bars are often more expensive because the ingredients are high quality and most mass produced liquid shampoo companies would never use them due to the cost.

3. Bottles Don’t Equal Best

Did you know bottles contain over 80-90% water? I know…shocked me too, so why are we paying the big bucks to bring home water?!

PLUS bottled shampoos contain mainly water, surfactant, preservative, fragrance, colourant and thickener, silicones – to give the illusion of hair health and pH adjusters. They often contain tiny amounts of ‘claim’ ingredients. These are natural ingredients added in such tiny amounts (under -1%) that they have no benefit to the hair and are there just to dupe you into buying something “natural”.

4. Travel Well

If you’re anything like me you’ll be planning your next trip away because well, it’s obvious! Take the stressed out of having your products confiscated & save yourself some space by packing your solid shampoo bars. I would recommend waiting for them to dry out if you can and then wrapping them in a flannel or a beeswax wrap would work well if you aren’t vegan and have them in the kitchen.

5. Multi Purpose

Looking to level up and achieve fuller, bouncy curls? You’ll be pleased to hear most solid shampoo bars can help you achieve this our Inanna’s Daughter bars included. They have been officially Curly Girl Method approved, yes we are boasting about it! We also stock the conditioner bars which absolutely complete the full, bouncy hair look (trust me!).

Shampoo bars can be used to clean your body too so you’re starting to run out of excuses to have any plastic bottles in the bathroom.

So there you have it…

Five reasons to make a change to non plastic solid shampoo bars. We stock two beautiful scents at Inka, give them a go and let us know what you think.

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