Vegan Beauty Products – A Guide To A Simple Summer Skincare Routine

Vegan Beauty Products – A guide to a simple summer skincare routine

I’m pretty keen on a good but simple summer skincare routine. I always want to look after my skin with really great products because I know what’s good for it. Shame the same can’t be said for my diet at times, but hey we can’t all be perfect.

If you’re new to skincare and feel like it’s a bit of a jungle out there trying to work out what you need to have beautiful, healthy skin my best advice to you is to keep it simple. And just because you’re keeping it simple doesn’t mean that you’re missing out because if you are using high quality product are vegan & organic they will do wonders for your skin.

Before I get into the products & the simple summer skincare routine I think it’s really important to note that what you’re doing on the outside is important but your skin health can very much depend on your diet and hormones. So remember to look after yourself from within as much as you can especially when you experience breakouts.

All the products I mention are linked at the bottom of the blog, enjoy!

Step 1 – Cleanse

Cleansing is the best way to remove the day’s dirt & make up from your face. It’s something you need to do morning and evening and if you’re wearing it your makeup needs to come off before you cleanse. 

So to start, let’s get your makeup off…golden rule number 1 – DO NOT use makeup wipes, not only do they not do the job well enough, they are not good for the planet & create waste. 

My recommendation is getting a good oil (see step 3 for product recommendation – multi use products for the win!), dampening your face and adding one pump of oil to massage into the face. Once everything is well rubbed in remove the makeup with a warm damp reusable cotton pad. Keep wiping until the cotton pads are pretty clean when you wipe your face.

Now you’re ready to cleanse. There are a lot of options and what you use really is personal preference, some are foamy, some oil based and others are more creamy in consistency. 

Because I’m all about less is more & vegan skincare I go between Five Dot Botanics Calm Shift which is available on Inka & is full of wonderful botanic ingredients that will leave your skin feeling calmer & soft. The other product I use is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, both of these products are vegan & cruelty free.

After massaging the face gently remove the cleanser with a warm damp flannel, I’ve linked below to one stocked by Algorithum which is a new skincare & makeup retailer founded by my good friend Rose – definitely one to check out.

Calm Shift - Simple Summer Skincare Routine
Calm Shift – Simple Summer Skincare Routine

Step 2 – Tone or Mist

This is a great step, one that I genuinely look forward to but only because I have THE best products for this. I’d recommend a spray toner because they leave you feeling so refreshed. 

This step is a great way to get a short burst of extra hydration into the skin before moisturising and it will help your skin absorb your moisturiser too. I really like sprays with simple ingredients so I have two to recommend. The first you can buy here at Inka is the Five Dot Botanics Brighten Up face mist which is gently scented. The second is another Algorithum purchase called SOS Skin Shield + which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal AND gives healthy looking glassy glowing skin ….a winner in my opinion especially for keeping spots at bay!

Brighten Up - Simple Summer Skincare Routine
Brighten Up – Simple Summer Skincare Routine

Step 3 – Moisturise

This is my favourite part of the simple summer skincare routine because it leaves your skin feeling OH SO GOOD, it stops any dryness and it’ll help your skin look and feel refreshed. And I’m all about the dewy skin vibes!

I used to use creams for this stage but I’ll explain why I don’t in Step 4 and again there is no right or wrong it’s what feels good for you. My go to was either Dermalogica or Origins but I quickly gave them the axe when I learnt they were sold in China. In case you didn’t know, although both brands don’t test their products on animals whenever a product is sold in China they do test them on animals before selling, so it’s a no from me! 

I use oils or serums to moisturise, the difference is that they have more active ingredients & they can penetrate the skin further than creams. I mentioned a favourite of mine in step 1 which can also be used to remove makeup and that is Living Libations Seabuckthorn Oil and it’s available on Algorithum, if you’re looking to use less products then this really is an all in one product!

However, I’m currently using the Five Dot Botanics Deep Feed serum at night and the Daily Prep in the day (both available on Inka) and honestly my skin feels as soft as clouds! If you’re just starting out then I’d stick to the oil, you will still get fantastic results. Just 2-3 drops of these high quality, vegan products massaged into the face will sort you out for the day/night, you really don’t need a lot.

Daily Prep - Simple Summer Skincare Routine
Daily Prep – Simple Summer Skincare Routine

Step 4 – Protection

I am not exaggerating here, this is the MOST important stage, so please don’t stop reading! SPF or Sun Protection Factor is an absolute must in your skincare routine. As I mentioned in step 3 I don’t use a cream moisturiser because I wear SPF every day and it just ends up feeling like a lot of cream hence my preference for oil, but you do you.

Sun exposure is really dangerous for our bodies and I should stress SPF needs to be worn all year round as the UV rays can reach your face even on a cloudy day. 80% of skin cancers are caused by over exposure to the sun meaning that the majority of them are preventable!

I used to use Heliocare which is a great product but unfortunately their tinted products are not inclusive of all skin colours so until they take action & do better I will not be buying from them.  I now use Tropics Sun Day UV Facial Defence, it’s a lovely lightweight product that leaves the skin glowing and is Factor 50 for the highest protection, which I recommend whatever colour your skin is & however well you tan/burn! You can buy this through my friend Grace who sells the Tropic products, they are a really conscious brand and I’m a fan of the work they do. 

Tropic Sun Day - Simple Summer Skincare Routine
Tropic Sun Day – Simple Summer Skincare Routine

Simple summer skincare routine – breakdown of the products

Ok, so if you made it this far congrats! If your brain is still absorbing the products I’ve listed them below in the steps more simply:

Step 1 – Remove makeup – Living Libations Seabuckthorn Oil & Cleanse – Five Dot Botanics Calm Shift

Step 2 – Tone – Five Dot Botanics – Brighten Up

Step 3 – Moisturise – Five Dot Botanics – Deep Feed 

Step 4 – Protection – Tropics – Sun Day UV Facial Defence

I’d love to know how you get on, all the products not sold on Inka are below. Enjoy, Harriet

Sun Day UV Facial Defence

Living Libations – Oil

SOS Skin Shield +

Glossier – Milky Jelly Cleanser 

Hemp Flannel