Support Small Business – Why To Shop From Markets In Portsmouth

If you have ever been to a really good local market you’ll know that there isn’t anything better than shopping at one. Whether you’re buying from a baker who has been up since 3am making the sourdough you’re taking home for brunch, or you’ve just discovered a new ceramic maker who hand throws stunning vases perfect for your living room.

There is something really special about buying at a market. I think it’s the sense of community it brings about, a chance to support small business owners who really care about what they have to offer you.

Fresh flower market

Below are a few reasons why you might want to consider visiting a market in Portsmouth if you haven’t already.

Find unique and quirky gifts

A really good local market will have plenty to offer you, it’s a great place to find a gift that no one else has seen or heard about. Handmade products are one of a kind & if you’re looking for gifts for someone who appreciates artisan products then there is no better place. You’ll be spoilt for choice at some of the markets in Portsmouth.

Putting Money Into the Local Economy

By shopping at local markets you help generate revenue for small business owners, sending money straight to their bank accounts & rewarding their hard work and creativity. Research on spending by local authorities has shown that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business.

Support Small Business

Supporting small is one of our company values at Inka so it’s no surprise we have included this in the list of great reasons to get to a market. You can read more about our company values here. I’m sure you’ve all seen the quote below & it’s so true, I can confirm! I did my first market at Christmas and every time someone bought something I felt like dancing! It’s such a compliment to someone’s creativity and hard work when you make a purchase from them.

Support Small Business

Ethical Shopping

If you’re shopping for food you’ll often only find fruit and veg that is in season in the UK because it’s all locally sourced. This means it’s fresh & hasn’t been picked long before you’ve got it home and into your fruit bowl. Not all the produce is organic but if you want to find organic produce the farmers markets are your best bet.

When it comes to handmade products the makers are the business owners so you can guarantee that the products haven’t been made in poor workings conditions or that staff are underpaid for their skilled work. At Inka we only sell products that have been ethically produced.

Community Spirit

As I said earlier nothing beats supporting local. It’s a great opportunity for the stall holders & the shoppers to meet each other and do some networking. New connections are made and new fans of small businesses are created. It brings people together and after the year we have had people are longing to feel the community spirit and support local businesses. Here are some great markets in Portsmouth that we would recommend:

Vegetable market stall

If you’re now looking for the next market in Portsmouth to head to….

I can answer that for you quickly. We are so delighted that we have a stand for Inka at the first Love Southsea market of 2021! It’s on the 17th April in Palmerston Road 10am-4pm. Come on down and support our small business, we can’t wait to see you!

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