Slow Living – Four Reasons To Boycott Black Friday

Slow Living – Four Reasons To Boycott Black Friday

As a sustainable, ethical brand that is encouraging consumers to think more about how slow living benefits the planet, I will never be taking part in Black Friday. If you think I’m bold or even crazy then read on to find out four reasons why not to give in to the deals.

1. Black Friday is a tradition born in America

Red flag number one. As a UK based company that only ships to the UK why would we follow an American trend? This day follows Thanksgiving, it is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

2. This Friday fuels fast fashion industries

In recent years retailers and brands have jumped on this day using it to have huge sales which encourages unconscious spending. These offers are particularly substantial within the fast fashion industry which let’s have a think about it is already a fast moving industry with low price items.

If you see an inexpensive product have its price halved just take a moment to think about who is making these products; usually women and how the price cuts may be affecting them. We are a business that aims to empower women and by slashing the price of products that they lovingly produce for one day seems to do them a disservice.

3. Black Friday is unethical

It encourages spending beyond your means. You can become swept up in the frenzy and sales tactics letting you know that if you don’t purchase today you’ve missed your chance and you won’t see this item at this price again. The reality is that most retailers put items on sale frequently throughout the year, and this is an aggressive sales tactic, one you won’t see here at Inka.

4. Black Friday is a contributor of mass over consumption

As a business that is concerned about the environment, this doesn’t sit well with us. Just think, if Black Friday didn’t exist would you even need the dozens of products you’ve been looking at today? Impulse purchasing is something we actively try to and instead replacing it with conscious and thoughtful spending.

If you’re looking to embrace slow living then boycott Black Friday

Think about what you’re buying on Black Friday, do you really need it, will it add to your life in a positive way? Is it good quality and therefore how much use will you be able to get from it? How quickly will you be bored of it and throw it away to end up in landfill.

If you do need this product could you afford to buy it from a small independent business that isn’t taking part in Black Friday for the reasons above?

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