Pure Rewind ~ Restorative Face Mask


Luxurious detoxing to smooth away stress

When skin gets stressed by the daily grind, this rich mineral clay mask restores skin to velvet smooth.

Did you know…

Not only does air pollution make you feel a bit grubby, it’s been shown to affect everything from the rate at which your skin ages to the delicate balance of the skin microbiome.

Our lives can just feel like there’s always something going on. Stopping for just five minutes and doing as little as possible has a positive effect on our wellbeing and help us to feel a bit less stressed. Sticking a face mask on at the same time means double benefits, and we can tell ourselves we’re still doing something!

Three things people love about this product

It leaves your skin looking brighter and clearer, as it draws out the grime, pollution and impurities.

Your skin feels really comfortable afterwards, and even customers with sensitive skin have told us that their skin just feels calmer and less irritated after using it.

There’s no denying it, our tribe love the smell of this product. It’s totally natural, and reminds some of them of going into a spa. Just without the whale music and flip flops.

What will it do for your skin?
Gently draws out impurities, grime and pollution leaving skin looking less dull

Unclogs pores, so skin looks clearer

Your skin feels comfortable and hydrated after use

Your skin feels calmer and soothed

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