Deep Feed ~ Nourishing Facial Serum


Rich botanicals that soothe and repair

Powerful team of ingredients from plants, fruits, flowers and nuts, bring nourishment that goes deep.

Did you know…

Dryness is the most common cause of skin looking rough in texture, regardless of your age? It means your skin barrier probably isn’t getting what it needs to keep everything lubricated, soft and smooth looking.

When your skin’s dry, it doesn’t shed dead cells properly. They build up on the surface, which also makes it look a bit dull, grey even.

Three things people love about this product

This is like the most nourishing meal your skin could order for itself. Putting good stuff on your skin helps it to do its job properly, and look and feel softer and smoother in the process.

Smooth, well-nourished skin has a glow of its own. Nothing artificial needed to boost your natural radiance when your skin is feeling well balanced and comfortable.

If your skin’s a bit irritated, then keeping it simple and natural with your skincare might well help it. Deep Feed helps skin to feel calmer, and you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

What will it do for your skin?
It provides intense nourishment
Your skin feels and looks smoother
It stops skin feeling tight
You might be able to skip moisturiser altogether
Skin feels calmer



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