Calm Shift ~ Cleansing Face Balm


A calming cleanser that is kind to skin

A gentle balm that offers a kind way to cleanse and sweep away impurities.

Did you know…

It’s not just dirt that’s sitting on your skin at the end of the day (as if that isn’t yucky enough to think about). Within that there’s the chemical pollution from the environment, whether you’ve been indoors or outdoors, in the city or out in the countryside.

A cotton flannel might just be one of the best investments you could make for your skin. It’s like the original multi-tasker, removing dirt effectively, gently exfoliating the skin and opening your pores when you use it with warm water. And it’s a lot better for the environment than single-use wipes.

Three things people love about this product

It does the cleansing part really effectively but doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped and tight.

Your skin looks and feels softer and calmer after you use it, and it’s ready for some hydration and nourishment.

We know we’re biased, our growing tribe is biased, but we all think it smells incredible, thanks to the natural lavender oil. It’s our calming ritual at the end of the day, literally taking off the effects of the day.

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