Brighten Up ~ Balancing Face Mist


A bright boost that clears things up

A hydrating fruit and flower mist that renews the complexion for brightness, balance and refreshment.

Did you know…

That hydrating and moisturising the skin are two different things? When you moisturise, you’re putting the oils back into the skin that it needs, especially to keep the skin barrier working properly. Hydrating your skin is like the rest of your body, it’s all about putting water in.

There’s a reason they say make time to stop and smell the roses. The aroma of roses is a powerful mood enhancer, making you feel brighter and more relaxed. It’s not the only reason to use rosewater in your skincare routine, but it’s a great added bonus.

Three things people love about this product

Your skin feels instantly refreshed and hydrated, whenever you spritz this on your face. If the weather’s really warm, then keep it in the fridge for extra refreshment.

Spritzed onto clean skin, it helps your skin to better absorb any oil or moisturiser you’re using.

The pomegranate extract very gently helps to remove dead skin cells, so your skin looks clearer and smoother.


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Brighten Up ~ Balancing Face Mist