Handmade Gifts UK – Why Are Handmade Products Are More Expensive?

Handmade Gifts UK – Why Are Handmade Products Are More Expensive?

When you buy handmade products you’re paying a small business owner who put a huge amount of care, time, love & skill into your product. It isn’t made by a machine or a robot, it isn’t mass produced, most of them are truly one of a kind. Here are a few reasons why they are more expensive than what you can buy in the supermarket or big chains:

1. Time

Most handmade products are made by a team of one wonderful person. So you’re paying that person for their precious time it took them to create you’re individual pieces. Each creator will take time to source ingredients or materials, then there is a process to go through hand stitching, throwing, painting etc. A product may also need to be dyed or dried which will add to the process further, some products can take a whole day to complete. Add all the usual admin & marketing required to keep their creative businesses running and you start to understand the time and thought that goes into the handmade products.

2. High Quality Ingredients

When a creative person starts a business it’s something they are passionate about so in order to gain a loyal customer base enabling them to continue their passion they will seek the best ingredients/equipment/materials to make their products. Doing so means the products have a longer life span to do the job they are meant to.

High quality ingredients used in handmade products are more expensive which adds to the overall price of the product. By using these products the creators can guarantee peace of mind that their products will deliver on quality, look and feel. Many conscious creators will use ingredients which are organic, fair trade or cruelty free, all of which are examples of more expensive ingredients. Our Nathalie Bond skincare products are all organic, you can take a look at them here.

3. Packaging Your Products

Most businesses creating high quality handmade products will also be packaging them carefully and consciously especially if they are being sent as a gift. This more often than not will mean an increase in the cost of the products as unfortunately plastic is still by far the cheaper option. Some businesses (and we like these ones) will give you the option to have minimal packaging which may be a cheaper option for you & a better one for the environment if it isn’t a gift.

4. Creative Mind & Skilled Craft

The wonderful creators that we have on board at Inka have been learning their trade for years. Some of them will have trained at college or university, some will be self taught. However they got to where they are now we are grateful that they did. We know you can always learn new tricks and creators who make handmade products are always looking to improve their skills and level up to keep their products current and innovative. The cost of courses, time & qualifications to get to these high standards will always be reflected in the cost of handmade products.

Handmade products are unique & made with love

So yes, they come with a higher price tag but if you’re thinking about buying consciously and living more slowly then they are a great option. They last longer and they look great in your home or out and about with you.

Inka is fully stocked with a wide range of handmade products, here are some of our best sellers:

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