Eco Friendly Products – What Are The Best Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions?

Eco Friendly Products – What Are The Best Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions?

Did you know that yearly plastic waste can circle the earth four times?! So when we see brands and businesses STILL using plastic to package their goods we start to get a bit riled. There is nothing more disheartening than when a package arrives in a non-recyclable bag & very beautiful gift wrapping that also can’t be recycled. In fact it’s frankly lazy & inexcusable now not to be using eco friendly packaging.

Starting Inka…

I thought really carefully about how I would package our products, more on what we went with below. There is isn’t a huge ‘WOW’ when you open our boxes but I can rest easy knowing we are doing our bit for the environment & the products are the wow factor anyway! So here is a run down of the good, the bad and the ugly that I’ve come across on my eco friendly packaging journey so far.

Packing Peanuts To Protect Items

I love them! For us they tick all the boxes, biodegradable, compostable, plastic free & lightweight. The peanuts are made from gm free starch and they literally dissolve in water! This means that when you receive a parcel from us you have the choice to reuse or simply let them dissolve, see the video below for just how easy it it!


Reusing Old Cardboard Boxes

This is the best way to reduce waste with outer packaging, it’s something we do as often as possible. We talk about it here so you know exactly how your parcel will arrive with us. We remove as much of the old stickers and tape as possible & we seal it with our Inka stamp so you know who it’s from straight away. If we aren’t able to reuse we have our own range of cardboard boxes, different sizes for different orders & products.

One To Debate – Compostable Packaging

Being able to compost your packaging is seemingly a great way to reduce waste, it’s become very trendy and a lot of retailers are turning to it as a solution to their current packaging. For us however, there is quite a big negative to using compostable packaging. This is that it has to go into a compost bin for it to be truly effective. So, if the consumer doesn’t have a compost bin or access to one then the packaging will decompose in the same way as normal household waste therefore taking up to hundreds of years longer plus it will give off methane as it decomposes.

Some ideas you thought were eco friendly packaging but actually aren’t so great:

  • If you’re worried about your products rocking around in the post try not to wrap them in excessive amounts of packaging and choose the size of your boxes carefully. We have about 7 different size boxes for different sized orders at Inka and we could still have more even as a small business!
  • Tissue paper – it can’t be recycled so it might look pretty and protect your goods but it’s going straight in the household waste. Kitchen roll is another one people don’t know is not recyclable. We protect our more delicate items with newspaper offcuts but we don’t use it often as the packing peanuts do a top job.
  • Shredded paper – it can be recycled but not all local authorities do take it so definitely check when you do have any to throw away. You often have to bag it up separately to other recycling waste

Eco Friendly Packaging

Hopefully that’s given you some insight & ideas about great packaging products to use and ones to avoid. As our planet is literally piling up rubbish it’s really vital that we consciously consider not only the impact of our products but also the impact of the way we send them out.

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