Eco Friendly Products – How Do I Care For My Handmade Vegan Candles?

Eco Friendly Products – How Do I Care For My Handmade Vegan Candles?

Are you one of those people who can’t go the day without lighting a candle? Well you aren’t alone and you’re certainly in great company here, handmade vegan candles can provide a number of wonderful benefits. Even without a scent they can bring a calming vibe to the room which for many is a very welcome feeling in amongst the hustle of life. Go a step further and whip out one brimming with essential oils and you can take that relaxation to another level because of the aromatherapy benefits.

Vegan candles are be made from a variety of different waxes, soy is one of the most popular ones you may have heard of but coconut is also widely available (and it has that gorgeous natural scent). The reason we love handmade vegan candles at Inka is that they don’t contain any toxins or other nasties, it’s these toxic ingredients in candles that can make them really smoky which can not only be harmful to your home but you, your children and your pets too.

So with all this in mind you’re going to want to take care of your candles to get the most from them while they burn. See below a few ways I suggest doing this:

1. Trim the wick

A wick that is too long can mean that the flames become too tall leading to soot on the candle jar. It can also cause excessive smoke if its too tall. I’d suggest trimming to about 1/4 inch before each burn, this will create a lovely even flame that will burn the candle beautifully without creating any mess.

2. Prevent funnelling

You may have noticed when burning candles that sometimes it doesn’t burn to the edge or it might burn unevenly. The trick to stop this happening is to make sure the first burn is a good one. Vegan wax has a memory so if you don’t burn it long enough the first time it will likely keep on burning unevenly. So the first burn needs to be around 2 hours or at least until the wax has melted all the way to the edge before putting it out.

This way every time you relight (with a trimmed wick!) you will have a lovely even burn and no wax will be wasted.

3. Maximum burn time

Ok, so I only recently learnt this and the information on actual time does seem to vary but it is suggested that you do keep to a maximum burn time with your scented candles. The reason for this is that the candle gets too hot & essential oils may start to burn which could affect their scent & therapeutic properties. I would recommend a max of about 3-4 hours to get the most from any scented candle.

4. Keep it clean

This seems an obvious one but amazingly it’s not one I started doing until recently. After your candle has cooled, or before you relight make sure you wipe away any soot that has settled inside the jar. It’s the best way to ensure you keep seeing that flame flickering & avoid build up of soot.

See it’s easy to care for your handmade vegan candles!

Those are a few simple steps to take care of your candles. I hope you find them useful! These are the two types of vegan candles we stock on Inka at the moment:

Soy Wax Body Candles

Rapeseed & Coconut Wax Candle Jars

In this blog I discussed the use of essential oils in candles and as well as selling some beautiful candles I also stock essential oils on Inka – these can be used in a number of ways, I love it in my electric diffuser at night! You can see the full range of scents here.

To learn more about the creators or the candles we stock take a look at their shops:

Dani – Grant & Blossoms

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