Eco Friendly Products – Five Easy Swaps To Make During Plastic Free July

Five Easy Swaps to Make During Plastic Free July

Eco Friendly Products – Five Easy Swaps To Make During Plastic Free July

Did you know that the UK alone throws away 295 billion pieces of plastic each year, most of which is single use and not recycled.⁠ It’s an unfathomable amount and if that’s just the UK, think about the rest of the world. That’s why July has become Plastic Free, the month dedicated to educating and thinking about the amount of single use plastic we consume. I’ve listed five easy swaps to make during plastic free July below that will help you towards a plastic free future too.

1. Buy Biodegradable Washing Up Cloths

Reusable dishcloths are an incredible and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional synthetic sponge or microfibre cleaning cloth. Traditional cloths and sponges are made from plastics and cannot be recycled or composted. Millions of microplastics from cloths have also found their ways into oceans and into the stomachs of our wildlife.

The cloths we sell on Inka are hygienic, reusable, and fully biodegradable, created from 70% FSC certified cellulose (natural wood fibre) and 30% waste cotton. The pack contains 4 different colours, which are handy to identify which cloth you use for where in the home. No more mixing up the dishcloth with the bathroom cloth.

Five Easy Swaps to Make During Plastic Free July

2. Carry A Reusable Coffee Cup

Ditch the single use plastic coffee lids with a ceramic travel mug. They retain heat better and they are really stylish when you’re out and about. You can use them over and over again without showing any signs of wear. I really like my ceramic travel mug because it’s like drinking out of a proper mug, it just tastes better!

We sell two different colour travel mugs at Inka both of which have been skillfully hand thrown by Libby. Each travel mug comes with a grey silicon band and matching silicon lid. Glazed on the inside with a shiny white glaze then dipped in an option of 4 glaze combos. The overlapping glazes give a gorgeous blend in colour. I’m a huge fan of these plastic free alternatives

Five Easy Swaps to Make During Plastic Free July

3. Swap Cling Film For Beeswax Wraps

Want another sickening fact? Well you’re getting one. 

More than 745,000 miles of cling film is used in the UK each year…. What the?! It’s hard to recycle and so the majority ends up in landfill and we all know that plastic takes not only hundreds of years to degrade but it also leaks harmful chemicals into the ground.

So I’m an advocate for beeswax wraps being a genius alternative, I’ve had mine for two years now and they are just brilliant. All you need to do is use warm hands to wrap up cheese, fruit, bowls of fruit or dishes of leftovers! We have two gorgeous designs in stock, each pack has 3 sizes inside so you can wrap most food types.

4. Use Reusable Metal or Bamboo Straws

We have all heard the hype recently about plastic straws getting stuck in marine wildlifes gills, nostrils etc so it still absolutely baffles me that venues are handing plastic ones out but they are… even in Southsea but I’m not here to name and shame (yet)! 

So these two plastic free alternatives are personal preference but both are great, the metal straw will probably last you longer but if the bamboo straw breaks it at least can be added to your compost to decompose naturally. 

Bamboo straws are naturally anti-bacterial and water resistant, we sell packs of ten on Inka with a variety of widths including larger ones making them suitable for smoothies and milkshakes as well as thinner options perfect for a cocktail. They are also durable, odourless and tasteless which makes them a great plastic alternative.

5. Buy Cornstarch Dental Floss

The bathroom cabinet is a place where it is very easy to build up a stash of plastics.. and floss is one of the worst culprits. Not only is the container made of the type of plastic that will end up in landfill taking years to biodegrade… but the actual strings of floss themselves are made of nylon.

As floss is so small and light, it often avoids landfill and ends up being washed into the oceans. Unfortunately floss is designed not to break, creating a nightmare situation when it wraps itself round marine life.

The floss we stock on Inka uses a bioplastic made from corn starch that can be composted. It is coated in natural candelilla wax and uses natural mint flavouring. The containers are made from glass and stainless steel and are intended to be reused. Floss is a great way to take a small step into the world of plastic free – making this change makes a huge difference.

Easy Swaps To Make During Plastic Free July…

So there we have it, five easy swaps to make during Plastic Free July. I would love to know if you’ve been inspired by any of the changes above, there are plenty more that I could list but I’m one for a shorter blog. I’d live to know if you’d like to hear about more!

If you want to know more about Plastic Free July and how else you can get involved check out their website here.