Eco Friendly Products – 5 Ways To Travel With A Plastic Free Bathroom

Eco Friendly Products – 5 Ways To Travel With A Plastic Free Bathroom

Have you ever been travelling and thought about the amount of single use miniature plastic bottles you get through? Luckily you aren’t the only one, some of the big guns are worried about it too. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) & the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), have launched a report that is looking at addressing the issue within travel & tourism. We all know single use plastics are a threat to the environment so I hope you find this blog a helpful way to consider how to travel with a plastic free bathroom.

I’m so delighted to let you know that all of the products in the blog can be purchased at Inka as I continue on my journey towards living a more sustainable life.

1. Bamboo Toothbrush & Cornstarch Floss

Plastic floss and toothbrushes are amongst the worst culprits of single use plastic. Oral hygiene is really important though and that shouldn’t diminish when travelling. The main reason to avoid plastic floss is because as it’s small and light, it often avoids landfill and ends up being washed into the oceans. Unfortunately floss is designed not to break, creating a nightmare situation when it wraps itself round marine life.

The floss we stock on Inka uses a bioplastic made from corn starch that can be composted. It is coated in natural candelilla wax and uses natural mint flavouring. The containers are made from glass and stainless steel and are intended to be reused. Floss is a great way to take a small step into the world of plastic free – making this change makes a huge difference. Our bamboo toothbrushes have a medium bristle for a firm and efficient clean, you can buy a pack of 4 or as a single brush.

2. Reusable cotton pads & flannels

Reusable cotton pads or face wipes are a great way to start on your journey to reduce waste when travelling. You can use the pads to remove make up & the flannels to cleanse your face. The cotton pads come in a pack of 8 & the flannels a pack of three. Generally I’d recommend using the pads just once before washing but the flannels are your personal preference, usually I don’t use them more than twice before washing. So if you’re away for a while be prepared to take a few or get them laundered.

The non-patterned side is made from soft 100% brushed cotton so they are both really kind to your skin.⁠ Wash them at 30-40 degrees after use and they should last you a long time! 

3. Soap bar & bag

Soap bars that look good enough to eat? Yep, we have them! All of the ingredients in them are organic & vegan. They foam up beautifully and are gently fragranced with no nasties in the ingredients. If you want to add a gentle exfoliation I’d recommend popping it in a soap bag and scrubbing your body with that when damp. Unfortunately I don’t yet have any soap bags on the site but they are definitely in the pipeline!

4. Shampoo & Conditioner bars

I wrote a blog on 5 reasons to use these bars & I’d like to add one here, they take up less room than bottles for sure! The other reasons to use them are:

  • They reduce waste
  • They are full of organic & high quality ingredients
  • Bottle shampoo can contain up to 90% of water!!
  • They travel really well…handy
  • They are multi purpose so shampoo bars can also be used on the body too if you are tight for space

You can read the other blog in full here.

5. Use Beeswax Wraps for protection

You’re probably thinking this is a strange one but how else are you going to protect your soap bars, especially if you haven’t had time to dry them before you move onto the next stop of your trip. So I’m an advocate for beeswax wraps being a genius alternative to plastic bags in this scenario, I’ve had mine for two years now and they are just brilliant. All you need to do is use warm hands to wrap up your soap bars! We have two gorgeous designs in stock, each pack has 3 sizes inside so you can wrap everything, even snacks for the journey. 

What purchases will you be making for to travel with your plastic free bathroom?

Travelling with home comforts can make the holiday/travel experience so much more enjoyable and all of the products recommended above can be used at home to create a plastic free bathroom. So now you can take your home comforts away with you. What purchase will you be making?

Here is a link the article I read about the WTTC & UNEP report if you’d like to have a more in depth read of the report findings.