Where curious & conscious consumers come together.

Inka is an ethical online store for the fearless female creators on our doorstep. It’s a space where their gorgeous, I-need-me-some-of-that-NOW sustainable products can flourish. Where consumers who care can connect over their hope for a brighter future.

All items in our collection have been carefully selected to take the time out of finding ethically and sustainably produced items to complete your lifestyle. From clothing, to homeware to beauty; we’ve got you, hero.

We’re on a mission to change the face of retail. Are you in?

Our philosophy

Here at Inka, our philosophy sits in a triangle of compassion: for flippin’ fabulous female founders, the small businesses they lead and the planet they call home.

It underpins everything we do. And here’s why.

‘Who run the world?’

We’re tired of women’s voices not being heard. Everyday sexism? Get in the bin.

That’s why we have made the decision to work solely with female creators and service providers. While our store is open to all, we want to use our platform as an opportunity to celebrate the sisterhood and give them a place to really shine.

Because Queens deserve a stage. We’re here to give it to them.

Big biz ambitions, small biz heart.

We know that there are some badass businesses doing big things for the eco agenda. We also know that a lot of these businesses already have a killer following.

Our focus will be on small sustainable business owners who, perhaps, struggle with exposure. The independent shop owners nestled in the nook of a village. The online retailers with mind blowing ideas but a limited marketing budget.

These are the businesses bursting with quirk and individuality. Let’s celebrate them.

There is no Planet B.

You’re here because you care about ethical choices. And for that, we salute you.

The world needs us to stop hiding in a corner. It’s time to face the music; one small way we can do that is by purchasing purely honest products.

We don’t claim to be perfect… we’re still learning. But what we do claim, is to try.

Every single one of our products has passed the Inka ‘green’ test; whatever you buy, you can rest easy knowing that it’s ethically produced, kind to our planet and totally sustainable.

A note from the founder

Oh hey you! I’m Harriet, and I’m the woman behind Inka.

Inka was born out of the many tears and tribulations of 2020 (need I say more?). I’d known for a long time that I wanted to create something of my own – a business that genuinely had a positive impact – but something always got in the way.

Until I had the totally cliche lightbulb moment: the only thing stopping me from grabbing this dream full-pelt, was me. If I wanted fulfilment and to leave a mark, I needed to take charge and make it happen.

Enter: Inka, the sustainable lifestyle store. With Inka, I hope to celebrate the inspiring female founders all around us and their dedication to protecting our amazing planet. My dream is for this store to be a place of empowerment and self-love… I want you to feel IN-CRED-IBLE when you shop here.

Every item has been handpicked with love. I hope you’ll love it too.